SIDCO Lab - "CON FAC"  $1,395 Needed for Completion 

Since the founding of the team in 1996, the need for a full-time artifact conservation facility and a laboratory was recognized. Starting in 2014, we began to assemble a facility and to purchase and/ or fabricate the equipment we knew we would need. Our facility was set up and has always been conducted in accordance with Dr. Donald Hamilton’s conservation manual; Methods of Conserving Archaeological Material from Underwater Sites, (Hamilton, 1999)[1].

SIDCO's goal for the Lab is security and access in perpetuity.   Budget PDF showing Lab Needs

In 2015, a local marina, Portside Marina, in Morehead City donated a 15’ X 24’ workspace, where our lab conducted business from February until November. The workspace had running water, GFI-protected 120V A/C power, a roll-up garage door, on-site video security, heat and air condition and waterfront access. Utilities were included. During that time, we equipped our lab with full safety equipment including eyewash and first aid, protective clothing and face shields, aprons and gloves, etc.

We designed and manufactured a four- circuit electrolysis machine with an integrated heavy-duty resistor, which allows four separate items to undergo ferrous desalination at 8.5VDC. The machine includes a 3-battery bank and integrated battery charger with indicator meters. A special vent in the sealing removed any stray free hydrogen produced by the process.

We developed small tanks for treating artifacts, equipped with heaters to prevent freezing if the main power failed during the winter.

Concerned individuals donated two large heavy-duty plastic water tanks for holding artifacts in fresh water until conservation work could begin. A third large tank was fitted with a water-circulating pump to keep the water in motion. This tank is used to desalinate non-ferrous artifacts made of brass or glass.



We added an electronic microscope, a set of electronic scales, a sizable and well-equipped toolbox and file cabinets. Another donor gave us a large educational lab kit with beakers, test tubes and other glassware and others donated a variety of buckets, plastic bowls, and containers. Computer Therapy in Chapel Hill donated two desktop computers and an accountant in Beaufort donated two laser printers.



After November 2015, we moved to another business in Beaufort where we operated until June 2017.


In Spring 2018 we received two generous donations, travel trailers fully equipped with plumbing, electric and HVAC.  A location for the trailers, close to SIDCO officers was obtained and long-term lease established.  


Now that the Lab housing is resolved, SIDCO is focused on raising funds to purchase equipment totaling $630.00 Acquisition of these tools will prepare us to handle artifacts found on upcoming dives.  See items listed on PDF.   Your donation will support the purchase of these items. Thank You.

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