A Return to Ocracoke 2019 - 2021

Fred Walton/ Ghostship Project

Sunk during the San Ciriaco hurricane in 1899, this schooner/ barge was relocated from the air in 2004. SIDCO worked the historic site for a number of years. We plan to complete the project in the summer of 2014 (if scheduling allows).


Return to Fort Ocracoke Submerged Archaeological Site

SIDCO discovered this sunken Civil War fort in 1998 and completed Phases 1 & 2 by 2007. We plan to return to the site for a Phase 3 excavation and assessment of the site preservation work.


Warren Winslow Confederate Privateer Search

SIDCO has been actively planning to search for this site since we finished our work on Fort Ocracoke. Winslow collided with a sunken supply ship associated with the Fort, in 1862. This very successful Confederate privateer was trying to assist the crew of the sinking Prony, when she ran on the sunken supply ship and sank nearby. She is located in the shallow shoals near the wreck of Fred Walton.


Prony French Corvette Search and Preservation

Prony was a French ambassador

ship traveling from Florida to New York, when she got into trouble off Ocracoke Inlet in 1862. The nearby Yankee ships ignored the sinking vessel while Confederate forces tried to assist and save the crew, creating an international incident. Winslow was sunk trying to respond to the disaster.