Completed Projects

Olive Thurlow

At 8 o'clock, on the night of December 3rd, 1902, the barkentine Olive Thurlow dropped anchor in Cape Lookout Bight about 1 1/2 nautical miles from the Cape Lookout Life-saving Station. Read More

Crissie Wright

Sunk in a blizzard in Jan 1886 near Beaufort Inlet, this locally famous schooner has been the subject of the search for many years. The crew of seven froze to death in the rigging, save one, while the residents of Diamond City helplessly looked on. In summer 2012, SIDCO located a buried shipwreck near the reported sinking location. We plan to excavate and identify the site as soon as funding and scheduling allow. Read More

Fort Ocracoke

During the Civil War, a Confederate fort was constructed on Beacon Island, about one mile inside Ocracoke Inlet, and where a fort had been situated during the War of 1812. Fort Ocracoke, also known as Fort Morgan (or possibly Fort Morris), was an octagonal shape and was built by volunteers beginning on May 20, 1861, the same day North Carolina seceded from the Union.  Read More

Blockade Runner S.S. Pevensey

A wreck located very near the Iron Steamer Pier in Pine Knoll Shores, NC, is said to be the Confederate blockade runner S.S. Pevensey. In June 2000, the North Carolina Dept. of Cultural Resources requested an archaeological survey of this site in order to determine the condition of the cultural material there. SIDCO was asked to conduct the survey and diving began in June of 2001. The photo at left may possibly be a period picture of the actual blockade runner.  Read More

Blackbeard's Final Prize - The "Martinique Sugar" Ship

In August of 1718, the infamous pirate Blackbeard (Edward Thatch) was cruising in the warm Caribbean waters when he came upon two French sugar ships outbound from "Martinique." One was fully loaded with sugar and cocoa and the other was empty. Read More




Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge (Completed Project)

The Cannon C20 is found!  After careful excavation in the area of the magnetic signature developed using our Schonstedt GAU-30, cannon # C20 was located exactly where our equipment said it would be! Several more signatures have been indicated on the WNW corner of the QAR site.  Read More

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