Dive Safety

We have added this page to keep divers informed of the changing conditions in and around the sites we work on.

We also try to provide safety information relative to wreck diving in general.

Diver Down Flag

The red "diver down" flag (red field with a diagonal white stripe) simply means "Divers below, stay back 100 feet!" It is a violation of state and federal law to enter a dive flag perimeter without the dive boat captain's permission, which would only be granted when no divers were in the water and it was safe for a vessel to enter.​

Alpha Flag

The blue and white "Alpha" flag is the international dive flag and simply means  "Vessel conducting underwater operations, restricted ability to move." This gives that vessel the right-of-way.  Steep fines up to $500 dollars can be given for violation of dive flag perimeter. This applies to ALL vessels including windsurfers and wave runners.


We have had many, many "close calls" where boat captains had no idea what these flags mean or that they were putting our divers in danger. Please read up on the "Rules of the Road" and all Coast Guard regulations BEFORE you step behind the helm (or handlebars...). 

Divers Beware of Spider Wire - arm yourself with Seasnips!

A new threat to the diving industry has come to the surface! That threat is "Spectra" or what fishermen call "Spider wire". This fishing line cannot be cut with a knife! It rolls much like surgical tubing does and will resist even the sharpest knife! SIDCO divers are required to carry underwater cutters or what are more commonly called "Sea snips". A sharp pair of these will hack through this stuff and save YOUR life, if you should get tangled in this "diver killer"!   Sea snips are part # 2720 from Sport Divers Mfg., Price $15


Wreck Diving Safety Information

The Maryland Historical Trust has put together a great safety paper for the U-1105 "Black Panther" shipwreck preserve site. It has a lot of common sense data that pertains to wreck diving in general. Click Here

American Academy of Underwater Sciences Diving Manual

Get a copy of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Diving Manual here in .pdf format. SIDCO diving activities are conducted within these directives. Click Here

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