Current SIDCO Projects - Ocracoke (Hyde County)

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Even though SIDCO divers completed a full excavation of the Fort Ocracoke Site in 2007, it is often a good idea to do a “quick checkup” on prior projects. There is always the possibility that new features of the site that have been previously unknown, may have been uncovered by storms and hurricanes. Also, this gives us an opportunity to catch any environmental or pollution-related threats that may be detrimental to the site itself and formulate a plan to prevent any damage to the protected area. Unfortunately, we also have to look for and report any evidence of looting or illegal removal of historic artifacts. All in all, it’s just a good idea to keep an eye on the status of previous project sites. Read More

The "Ghost Ship" - Frederick Walton

Sunk during the San Ciriaco hurricane in 1899, this schooner/ barge was located from the air in 2004. SIDCO worked the historic site  . . . Read more.

The Prony and Warren Winslow

The Warren Winslow Confederate Privateer.  She collided with a sunken supply ship associated with Fort Ocracoke, in 1862. This very successful Confederate privateer was trying to assist the crew of the sinking Prony,  when she ran on the sunken supply ship and sank nearby. She is located in the shallow shoals near the wreck of Frederick Walton.


The Prony was a French Corvette.  Prony was a French ambassador ship traveling from Florida to New York, when she got into trouble off Ocracoke Inlet in 1862. The nearby Yankee ships ignored the sinking vessel while Confederate forces tried to assist and save the crew, creating an international incident. Winslow was sunk trying to respond to the disaster.

Beach Wreck Surveys, Ocracoke Section, Winter (Pending acquisition of 4X4 vehicle)

Since 2002, SIDCO records and marks historic wreck sites for North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Covering the entire Outer Banks, SIDCO routinely focuses on one County at a time - Carteret, Hyde and Dare.  Read More

Joint United States Coast Guard and SIDCO Project

A joint SIDCO/ USCG expedition is gearing up to locate and excavate both wrecks. Both ships sunk with a full complement of Federal Period survey tools and equipment. The project is currently awaiting a state permit to begin.

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