The Mission

SIDCO is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the proper archaeological survey, recovery, preservation, documentation, interpretation, and publication of historic shipwrecks and submerged sites for the purpose of public display, education, and enjoyment. SIDCO works in close cooperation with the State of North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, the NC Underwater Archaeology Branch, the NC Maritime Museum and Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, the National Park Service and US Coast Guard.

     SIDCO maintains a team of 20 divers and surface personnel. SIDCO is open to the public for persons who are certified for the particular position. SIDCO personnel must be dedicated to proper archaeology, strict safety standards, and some hard work. Surface Interval Diving Company is publicly funded and some grant-getting work is sometimes required. SIDCO will continue to work into the future to survey, recover and display our maritime past. All our projects eventually end up as interpretive exhibits in accredited museums throughout the state of North Carolina. 

     Our team members are all 100% volunteer workers who donate their personal time and resources to preserve North Carolina’s staggering amount of submerged cultural sites. Some of our team vessels are privately owned and maintained by members who have made them available for the team’s use. Our work is supported and financed by concerned individuals, organization and corporations who have donated funding or equipment to continue our mission.         

Our History

     SIDCO was formed in 1996, by a small group of sport divers, archaeologists, historians and tech divers working from a leaky old boat named "Surface Interval". The beloved patch-work vessel was no cruise ship, but she was all they had at the time. The decision to form a team was made one afternoon, on her "spongy" old deck, so they named the organization after her. The name seemed to blend in with the other businesses in eastern North Carolina and quaint maritime surroundings of Beaufort, NC. Through the decades SIDCO has shown itself to be a legitimate professional archaeological dive team, with a proven history of one successful project after another.